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There isn't much that I don't remember about my baby brother. He always had a way of leaving an impression on you. I remember the nights that we would just sit there for hours and play football on the playstation2. I remember all the days that I would start to pick on him and he would always say "Just wait until I'm as big as you, then I'm gonna kick you're ass!" And the times that we would go out to play paintball, Carlo would always be able to find me no matter where I hid. We had done so much together yet it now feels like so little. I only take comfort in the fact that he will now be with me always. No matter where I go, who I play, who I pick on or where I hide. I love you and miss you so much. FAMILY FOREVER...

- Your big brother

I don't have as many memories with Carlo as a lot of people. I sort of
include all my memories of him into one. Me and my friends call
ourselves the late night crew. When it got to be close to 4 in the
morning and people went home, we'd still be out having fun, and Carlo
would show up a lot of the time. Thats my memory of carlo. Always out
having fun and getting along with a lot of people. I'll never forget how
brave he was and even though we weren't close I looked up to him out of
many of my peers. Small, but brave, tough, but caring. I miss you carlo.
I hope you hold the memories like I do. You were LNC. I'll see you

-Craig Donnelly

During the Christmas season Carlo was at our house and I told him that Angelo was stumped on the play station game harry potter and that we could not win the game even his cousin Serene who was a pro at it could not get beyond 80 percent well Carlo did not give up he stayed playing that game for two hours and finally he calls me into the room and he is at the last part beating the game well don't you know, Carlo finished it and won. I have never seen any one with so much enthusiasm. I remember the smile on his face was ear to ear  "I did It" he said, well I called Angelo and emailed Serene. He beat the game. Everyday I think of Carlo and all my life I will think of my sweet and kind nephew.

-Tony Bajjaly

I graduated with Carlo and knew him since middle school.  I found this picture on my computer of us from freshmen year of college and I thought I should send it to you.  Katy Fisher is also in the picture and we go to St. John Fisher College in Rochester.  We would often see Carlo and his friends at Paradise Alley Bar when he still was at RIT.  This particular picture is from St. Patrick's Day and Katy and I thought you would like to add it to your collection.  It isn't the best picture, but I still think that it proves that Carlo would have an effect on people wherever he was.  We kind of lost touch with Carlo when he wasn't in Rochester anymore and didn't see him nearly as much, but his loss definitely affected us as it did everyone he knew, and he will always be in our thoughts and our memories.

-Caroline Cottet

Carlo and I went to middle school, high school and college together. i have so many great memories of Carlo...none of them bad. I remember Carlo was always honest and respectful with me. he was a good friend to me even at times when he didn't need to be. i remember when Carlo and i and other people went four wheeling in my jeep. I remember when he had my back when he didn't have to. I remember when ever I had a party at my house, he was the one kid to be respectful. i remember when we made funny movies for english class projects. I remember when people were board he had a good joke. i have so many more memories of carlo he will continue to live in my heart forever...I miss you Carlo!!!

                                                                                          -Ryan Sullivan

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This is a paper that my brother wrote for school two weeks before he died.

I have three older bothers: Gino 20, Sergio 22, and Angelo 26. As I grew I looked up to all of them but I only admired one of them, Angelo. Being the oldest he was always the biggest and most mature. When my brothers would pick on me he'd jump in and beat them up. through out high school and college he was smart and a great athlete. He taught me everything he knows.

When I was young the neighborhood kids picked me last in sports because I was so small. This kept for while but after games Angelo would keep me out on the field and teach me how to be the best. He taught me how to play football, basketball, lacrosse, and rugby. I remember going to his games and watch him get receive Most Valuable Player awards. I would look at him as a god. After school I hardly saw him while he was away at college.

Angelo was the first member of our family to go to college. He went to Ithaca College and played football and Rugby. While he was there getting his degree I was following through his footsteps in high school. I played the same sports as him and did pretty decent. I was better them any of the neighborhood kids who used to look down on me. When ever he came home for breaks I was good enough to compete with him in each sport. Every day on the way back home from playing sports he would give me advice on life. "The saddest thing in life was wasted talent," he would tell me " Don't screw up, go somewhere with your life." He had given me some of the best advice I had ever heard. After his four years at college he moved to California.

While Angelo was in San Diego I could never see him. I was only able to save up enough money to visit him once. He had a good job at the bank and a nice apartment. My grandparents live up there so he would go take care of them whenever he was able to.  They were sick and needed the most help they could get.  I give him a lot of respect in how he moved up there mostly for them.  After my grandfather passed and my uncle moved in with my grandmother, Angelo moved back home, to Syracuse.

I now live with my parents and Angelo.  I admire how he works two jobs to help my parents with mortgage.  I also do my best to help out.  My brother and I still play some sports in our spare time.  He also helps me with a lot of college work.  Angelo has always been there for me.  Even when he was away I always felt that I still had him by my side.  I still have a lot to learn and do and hopefully Angelo will always be there to help me.

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